From training providers to employers, and from colleges to universities,

Aptem makes life easier for providers and learners.

Training Providers

The apprenticeship levy is a huge opportunity, but it comes amidst a growing volume of apprenticeship reforms, a more challenging commercial environment and added compliance burdens.

  • Employers are paying for the training their staff receive, meaning high expectations.
    Aptem has all the features needed for smooth, effective apprenticeship delivery. By automating and streamlining time-consuming tasks, you can spend more time on high-quality learning delivery; learner progression information is easily accessible to your customers via the Employer Portal. With Aptem’s performance manager you can design an excellent delivery model and maintain quality for every learner across every apprenticeship.
  • Strict compliance rules and the growing risk of funding withdrawal.
    Delivering world-class learning that complies with the wide range of funding, Ofsted and GDPR rules, is made easier with a single system. Aptem’s GDPR-compliant platform tracks and reports on all aspects of delivery, making compliance simple.
  • Standards require high-quality teaching material
    With its unique combined learning plans and ePortfolio, Aptem enables effective learning journeys while smoothly capturing delivery and personal progression evidence. Remote, online learning and assessment reduces costs, and lets tutors focus their time for maximum impact.
  • Tracking and evidencing 20% off-the-job training can be a burden.
    Aptem automatically tracks off-the-job training and prompts learners and tutors to input additional learning time. With integrated webinars and workshop management, it makes it easy to deliver productive off-the-job training and capture learning time.
  • The larger a provider gets the harder it can be to spot issues.
    While other systems might be able to pinpoint problems after they happen, Aptem’s predictive analytics can identify problems before they cause any damage, and help providers understand what to do about them.

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  • We chose to work with Aptem, after looking at several alternatives, as the entire learning journey (from sign up through to EPA) is embedded into the platform. This saved us money as we could consolidate a number of existing systems in one. Additionally, the investment required demonstrated exceptional value for money and the level of customer service is refreshingly ‘on it’.

    James Taylor Commercial Director, HTFT Partnership

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